​Summer Camp

Summer 2024:

Summer Camp 1: June 24 - July 3

Summer Camp 2: July 8 - July 19

Summer Camp 3: July 22 - August 2

We are excited to offer our summer camps to athletes in 6th through 10th grade. Athletes spend 2 hours a day learning the ins and outs of rowing while enjoying time on the water. Our enthusiastic staff focuses on the technical aspect of the sport while incorporating games, racing and fitness into each day. No previous experience is necessary and, in fact, this is a great way to experience rowing for new and younger athletes. We offer three, 2-week sessions morning and afternoon.

If you have any questions please contact Tripp Smith or Scott Branscomb

June Development Program

The June Development program is an "invite only" program for athletes in 8th grade. Over the course of this two-week session, athletes will gain exposure to or further their skills in the use of small sculling boats (singles, doubles, and quads) in order to develop some of the more nuanced aspects of their rowing stroke as an individual. They will also practice transferring those skills back into the bigger boats and applying those lessons to rowing in a team context. If you are interested in a June Dev session or have any questions, please reach out to coach Tripp Smith or Scott Branscomb. to see if this program might be a good fit for you.