​Summer 2024 Varsity & Novice Programs

High Performance
July 1st-August 4

​June 17th-July 22

Race Schedule

July 20: Philly Youth Regatta (Philadelphia, PA) 

Intermediate and some High Performance Athletes

​July 28-August 4: Canadian Henley (St. Catharine's, Ontario) 

High Performance Athletes Only 

COmpetitive Development

Varsity & Novice teams

Fall 2024 Varsity & Novice Programs

Novice Welcome Week

Women: Aug. 20-Aug. 23 at 4:00-6:30 PM

Men: Aug. 20-Aug. 23 at 4:20-6:50 PM

Regular Season

Novice Women: Aug. 26-Nov. 1 at 4:00-6:30 PM

Novice Men: Aug. 26-Nov. 1 at 4:20-6:50 PM

Varsity Women: Aug. 27-Nov. 1 at 4:00-6:30 PM

Varsity Men: Aug. 27-Nov. 1 at4:20-6:50 PM

Race Schedule


The Competitive Development Team is open to  athletes who, based on the recommendation of the coaching staff would benefit from a training schedule focused on improving fitness and technique. This is an excellent option for high school aged athletes who are new to the sport and would like to try out rowing OR for eighth grade athletes who would like to increase their exposure and rowing time. If you are currently participating in one of our other programs please talk to your coach about whether or not this is the right program for you. If you are not currently enrolled in any of our programs or have questions please contact Tripp Smith for more details.

In the fall and spring the team trains 3 days a week with a combined program of on the water workouts geared toward fitness and technique, and dry-land workouts to increase fitness and strength. In the winter athletes train indoors 4 days a week with a combination of workouts on the rowing machine, calisthenics, strength training, flexibility and injury prevention.  While the competitive team does not race the goal is to prepare athletes to be ready to train and compete with the High School Program in future seasons.

The Varsity and Novice Programs includes all high school athletes (9th - 12th grade) who meet the standards outlined by the coaching staff for the current season. This includes athletes who have not yet rowed and/or raced (Novice) but are interested, excited and capable of handling the learning curve and demands of the program. The fall and spring programs focus on teaching proper rowing technique, necessary skills for improving boat speed on the water along with dry-land training focusing on strength, fitness, flexibility and injury prevention. The winter season is focused primarily on building fitness and strength via dry-land workouts.  Athletes will work out on rowing machines, as well as in our first class weight room to build a strong foundation going into the spring championship season. This is a competitive program where athletes have the opportunity to race in several regional regattas each season. If you have any questions please contact Robert Montague (Men's Novice Team), Cary Wasserman (Men's Varsity Team), Nicole Chaloux (Women's Novice Team), or Paul Ruggeberg (Women's Varsity Team)

At the beginning of fall and spring season we also offer an evaluation period for athletes who are new to the sport and the team. This is an opportunity to learn what the upcoming season will be like and to get a valuable introduction to our team and the physical demands of the sport of rowing. After the evaluation period athletes will be asked to meet with our coaches to discuss individual goals and our coaches recommendations. Coaches will recommend participation in Varsity/ Novice program or an alternative program.

Athletes will need to have their registration and high school physical forms on file to participate in pre-season/ evaluation period. Upon completion of the evaluation period, athletes who are new to Greenwich Crew will be assigned to the appropriate program.

Scholarships are available, please check here.

  • Novices are athletes who have not competed in a regatta, who have not competed for a full calendar year or athletes with no prior experience
  • All athletes planning on rowing in the high school program will be asked to participate in an evaluation period ​to make sure they are in the appropriate program for their skill level and development

Fall 2024 Competitive Development

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Sept. 4-Oct. 25 at 5:30-7:30 PM